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About Me

My name is Marianna Craven-Sands.

I am a health professional who has a big picture approach to treatment addressing the root cause of your problem, and not just your symptoms. If you are in pain, have suffered an injury or simply feel your posture could be better than it is, I can offer you an honest and personal approach to your diagnosis and treatment, with a tailored rehabilitation plan program to suit your needs.

I completed my Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. I also hold a Bachelor Degrees in Science.

I combine my knowledge of human anatomy and physiology with a good understanding of functional biomechanics and rehabilitation to treat athletes, office workers, pregnant woman and young children too.

My approach is simple and it works. Using soft tissue therapies before adjusting to ensure proper spinal and peripheral joint biomechanics, to achieve a healthy nervous system.

I believe in hands-on therapy and taking the time to treat each of my patients the way I’d like to be treated myself.

I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and therefore I particularly love working with people who want to get the most out of life. This means working with my patients to create tailored programs designed to help them to return to doing whatever it is they enjoy.

I have worked at the World Masters Games in Sydney (2009), Surf Lifesaving Australia and alongside one of Australia’s top female Pro-Surfers.

I have worked within the Chiropractic and Osteopathic industries for nearly 10 years and have an ongoing commitment to profession development for the benefit of my patients. I am a registered Chiropractor with the Chiropractic Board of Australia and a member of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic Collage of Australasia.

If your health is important to you and you want to help your body work to its full potential, make an appointment with me today. I look forward to working with you soon!

Make your appointment with me today on (02) 9699 9971

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